Trips and Journeys

You can open and start a new trip or even add all your old trips along with everything that matters to you. Just enter a name for your trip, when you are planning to go, and when you are planning to be back, which countries you will visit, what currencies you will use, and more. You can manage as many trips as you like.

  • Unlimited number of trips and journeys


Travelling alone, in pairs, or in a group, you can add all the friends who are travelling with you and of course, don't forget to add yourself.

  • My travel companions

Trip Plan

A plan is usually good to have. So you can make a plan of your journey, day by day. Where you're planning to be, where you’re going to spend the night, what you want to do on a certain day. If you like, you can also plan each day in detail by defining the day's itinerary with budget planning. You'll also find some other useful features there that will make every step of planning incredibly easy and fun.

  • Create a Trip Plan
  • Where to Stay
  • Things to Do
  • Improved event planning
  • Attach PDF documents to events and accommodation
  • Attach photos to events
  • Simple Budged Planning

Packing List

When you’re boarding a plane, it is usually a little too late for "I forgot". 
Prepare your packing list and organize your backpack or suitcase. There are several categories to help you smartly categorize your things.
You can write down all the things you intend to bring with you on a journey and things you have to do before you leave home. When it's time to go, you can use the "Pack" feature to go through your list and make sure you've packed and done everything you needed to do.

  • Tasks to Do. Items to Pack.
  • Let's Pack!
  • Import Packing List from your previous trips
  • Create your own categories


You can safely store copies of your documents, credit cards, tickets, or anything else you think is important to you on your trip. The Wallet is designed for securely storing personal information, it is passcode protected and yes, all sensitive data is encrypted.

  • Security (passcode & data encryption)
  • Documents, Credit Cards ...
  • Manage Your Wallet
  • Attach photos and PDF documents
  • Import documents and credit cards from your previous trips


They come in very handy in case we get lost, so don't leave without them. This nice feature offers you a great way to organize and add photos of all the maps you think will be essential on your journey, so you can use them even when there's no internet connection. You can import photos of downloaded maps or screenshots or directly take a photo of your actual map. That way you'll have your maps with you all the time.

  • Offline Map Collection (photos of maps)
  • Manage and view your maps
  • Create screenshot of a map

Must See & Do

Every destination has its highlights, things you should definitely see or do. It's nice to have them all listed in one place, so you don't miss any. This section enables you to review all the events from your trip plan that you marked as mandatory. You can even check them one by one when you're done.

Photos & Places

I was here... While you're on your trip you can mark, save, and share locations that you have visited. If you are visiting an interesting place, use TripRider to find your position, then just attach a photo or video and you're done. You can share each location with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or via email or just view your locations on a map. And if you missed some, you can always add them later by picking them manually on a map (an internet connection is needed).

  • Your Visited Locations
  • Capture the Moment
  • Share Your Photos
  • Display your photos on a map
  • Follow Me feature


Oh, you'll travel. And the stories you'll tell! New experiences, new people, new memories… That's what travelling is all about. Write down all the things that are happening to you on your trip. The Diary is a great way to capture every moment. Besides, it’s always fun to read years later. You can write a diary for each day of your journey, add some photos or videos, and point out the day’s highlights. And the best part is, you can also share it with your friends on Facebook or via email.



Some might say that running out of money is when your journey truly begins. We’re betting, though, that it's probably not what you want. Fortunately, we included this powerful, yet easy to use tool to track all of your trip expenses, so you can keep your budget under control. Of course, you can use different currencies, categorize your expenses into different types, and more. It can also be fun to compare prices years later.


Whether you are starting to plan a trip or you are already on the road you can see quick overview of your trip status. What's on the schedule for today? Or tomorrow? What's my budget looking like? What were the day’s highlights? Have I packed and done everything I needed to? Have I made a plan for each day of my trip? It's all there. And much more. Nicely gathered in one place. And if you are already back from your journey, you can take a look at your trip summary. Quick and easy.

  • Quick Trip Overview
  • Three Types of Briefing (before, during and after your trip)
  • Quick Itinerary Overview day-by-day

Quick Notes

Some remember, smart people write. So many things happen on a journey, you easily forget something. Use quick notes for small messages, phone numbers, place names, bus schedules, song names or anything else you think is important to remember. And if you want, you can also publish them to your Facebook notes or just email them to your friends.

  • Write down your notes
  • Share your notes with others


We like to share our travel experiences, don't we? Even when we’re still in the middle of our trip, so our friends can read about our adventures in real time. TripRider is designed so that you can publish and send different content to your friends via Facebook, Twitter, or email. You can share your diary, locations, photos, and even your notes.

  • Publish to Facebook, Twitter, ...

Backup and restore

Peer-to-peer data transfer and Dropbox support

Wirelessly connect two nearby devices via Bluetooth or WiFi and transfer (copy) data from one device to another. Anytime and anywhere. Even when internet connection is not available. 

Backup your data to a Dropbox and restore them if needed. You can even use Dropbox to transfer (copy) data between devices. You will need a Dropbox account. You can create it at Dropbox homepage.

  • Transfer data via WiFi or Bluetooth between two nearby devices
  • Backup complete TripRider to your Dropbox
  • Peer-to-peer is accessible through In-app purchase



You can select among various color themes.

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Gold
  • Gray
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • White

Trip Book

The icing on the cake. Your complete travel story put together in a single PDF document, so you can safely store it, view it, and even share it with your friends. Your travel book.

Need to print out your packing list? Or export and share your trip plan, so your family or friends will know where you’re going to be? You can do that too. Create your travel book anytime, regardless of what stage your trip is in and as many times as you like.

  • Choose Chapters
  • Create, View and Share
  • More options for Trip Book layout
  • Your Travel Book in a nicely designed PDF document
  • Print your PDF
  • Watch the simple slideshow of your trip photos
  • Export all photos to a Photos app