Easy to use. Works offline.

Oh yes, the excitement of travel: New places, new people, new adventures. There's nothing like the anticipation of an upcoming journey and the expectation of exploring new countries, meeting different cultures, and experiencing new things.

As every traveller knows, a journey begins long before we leave our homes and lasts long after we have already returned. There are lots of different things to do before we go things to do while we are on our trip, and even things to do after we are already back.


Trip Rider


Trip Rider Lite


Current version of Trip Rider is available on App Store for iOS 9 or higher.

That is why we designed this travel app to accompany you throughout your whole journey. It will help you make your trip even more memorable and will be with you every step of the way. From the moment you pick your destination, to the day you make it back home. And all the time in between.

It was designed by travellers for travellers. Designed for you, to help you capture every moment, every detail of your trip in a single app. It is a true travel companion that will help you capture and share your complete travel story.

So you can use it all the time, whether exploring off the beaten track, wandering the city, or just drinking coffee at the nearby café, we designed it so that internet is almost never a necessity. Well, except when you'll want to share the highlights of your new experiences with your friends. And yes, you'll want to share.